Quality work, timely completion and value for money are main criteria for any work. More so when it comes to construction projects, by making them go into full stream just in time and with least disturbance.

Backed with over two decades of construction experience, N.K. CONSTRUCTION CO.. have adopted ‘QUALTY, TIME & VALUE’ as base in their EPC(Engineering, procurement and construction) Contract Works spread all over India. We are pleased to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as Engineers, Mechanical Pusher and Erectors for pipelines, structure, storage tanks, Over Head Tank and Under Ground Reservoir etc. We are having necessary Infrastructure and a team of experienced and hardworking Engineers, Technicians and welders to carry out the jobs as per your requirement and standards. We have complete Tools and Tackles such as Welding , Rectifiers, Transformers, Gas Cutting set, Pipe Cutting machine, grinding machines, Lifting and Hoisting machines and Hand Tools etc.

The company has and is executing specially intricate and demanding assignments in the field of Sewage Treatment Plant(STP), Water Treatment Plant (WTP),Common Treatment Plant (CTP), Over Head Tank, Underground Reason Wire, Main Pumping Station, Intermediate Pumping Station, Laying of Pipelines, System of Open Trench, System of HDD & MTB. We would request you to please register our name as Contractor for the jobs undertaken by us and We hope that you will find our organization’s profile of your value and interest. If you need more information/clarification, please feel free to contact us. Thanking you and assuring you of our best and prompt services at all time.

Registered Office :

  • Address:117, Prem Puri, Muzaffar Nagar - 250002, U.P.
  • Name: N.K.Jain
  • Email: arun_nkcc@yahoo.com, nkjain.nkcc@gmail.com,

Corp. Office :

  • >Mailing Address: 4th Floor, House No-230, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Kewal Park, Azadpur, Delhi-110033
  • Name: Arun Jain , Vibhanshu Jain
  • Email:arun_nkcc@yahoo.com,